Need Insight on How LiveCycle Components Works



I need help figuring out which Adobe product I need, I am waiting on a call back from a "specialist" from Adobe, but thought I could get some help from people that are actually using their product.

I want to be able to create a web application (PHP/MySQL) that will collect data and then output a print-ready PDF document that I can just send to a printer. I have told that LiveCycle or InDesign Server might be the appropriate products for this. Can anyone provide any insight on what the different LiveCycle components do and if I could use any of them for this purpose? Specifically, I just need to be able to create a PDF template and then plug data into the various form elements on that form.

An example of how we plan on using this is with business cards. We're going to create a business card template PDF with form fields for Name, Title, Phone, Email, etc. and then have the user enter in their information and then create a print-ready PDF we could send to the printer to get printed.

Any help you could give would be great. Thanks!