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Need Help modifying Floating field properties(Weight, posture etc) with Javascript


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For example, I have a floating field called "NAME" in a Static Text called "TEXT1" and I have a javascript under "form:ready" on the main page like the following:

NAME.caption.font.posture = "italic";

I've already set the language to "JavaScript" but it is not changing the posture. Now I can change everything inside the "TEXT1" by doing this:

TEXT1.caption.font.posture = "italic";

But all I want is to change the posture of the floating field and not other text in the Static Text.

The weird thing is that when I try to output NAME's properties by doing this:

SOMexpression.rawValue = NAME.caption.font.posture;

It actually displays "italic" but when I go to the PDF preview it doesn't italicize the field.

Thanks in advance,
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