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Multiple Forms in a Single Process


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I have a simple problem but I cant find the solution in Help. Im sure its because I dont have something checked or unchecked somewhere.

I have a process that uses two nearly identical forms.

All of the fields in these forms are the same, the only difference is the text on a submit button. There is no difference in the schemas between the forms.

I have created a xfaForm variable for each form and mapped the templates to the correct forms.

Everything works fine with my process until the point that I need to use the second form. At that step in the process, the form I want to open does so but it dumps all the data thats associated with the first form. It opens, but all of the fields are blank.

I had assumed the Input form Varaible under Form Data Mappings allowed me to simply identify the location of the second form and it would display that form using the data stored in the original forms location. All of the Help instuctions seem to point in that direction.

In the help section titled Using form data with multiple forms it states When using the User service to involve people in processes, you may be required to use more than one form in a process and populate them with the same form data. If all forms use the same layout for the form fields, they can be used interchangeably with the same form data.

Since I didnt tell it to look elsewhere for the data, it should grab it from the form process and display it in the new form, right?

I've played around with the variable for the second form thinking I may be confused about whether I should have Input, Output or Required checked.

I've tried turning the render service off in the variable; too but that didn't seem to change anything.


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You need an intermediate step between your two User steps to map the data from one form to the other.

Just add a setValue and assign the data from the first form to the second form. Something like /process_data/form2/object/data = /process_data/form1/object/data.



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Hi Pat, thanks for pointing that out. In the next release, I will make it clear that the intermediate step is required.