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Multiple escalation


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Hello all,

Is there a way to escalate a task multiple times. For example say I escalate a task after two days of inactivity from when a task is created. Is there a way to escalate that task a second time if the escalation user has not taken action after a specified amount of time? Thank you ahead of time for any ideas, or assistance you may offer.
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Good afternoon,

I have a very similar issue.  It appears that multiple escalations does not work.  Is it only possible to escalate a task one time?  If so is this a designed feature.  In our situation we are using LiveCycle ES and the escalation occurs after a specified amount of time expires.  The initial escalation works and the task is assigned to the right location.  It is any subsequent escalation that does not seem to fire.  The task just remains in the current worklist.

I need to know if this is as designed and if so, are there any suggested work arounds as this is keeping a go live implementation from rolling out.


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You can only escalate once.

You could try to leverage the deadline instead. The deadline will move to item to another task. So you can have as many as you want.

Then have a route from each deadline task to the real next step.