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Multilangual. Is it possible to adjust the language of fields due to the standardlanguage/buttons?


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Is it possible to somehow make a script that changes all texts (in a PDF) of a form to other languages? Perhaps through the standard language used on the computer or a multi select button??

I thought to put everything into subforms and hide it, appearing if another button is clicked and hiding the original subform. Might look ugly on programmers sight, but as long as it'd work, I'd "live" with it ;)

But is there any possibility to make the default set by the users standard language?
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I am not sure that you can get the language setting of the machine in your script or not. If not you may have to have th euser indicate which language they want. Once that is done then you can change all of the strings programmatically from a technical perspective anyways.

Depending on the complexity of the form, you may find a point where it will affect the performance of the form. I have seen cases where changing the language can take 5-10 seconds to complete. Also you run into issues with space where as I change a caption a word in English takes 2 mm but the same word in French takes 5 mm. So you have to design the form for the worst case. This is no so bad if the form is simple but the more complex the form the more difficult this becomes.

In many cases people will create an xml file for all language strings and merge the xml data onto the form. There are advanced binding properties that can bind the XML to the caption of a field and thus no coding is required. This is useful if you have LiveCycle server products because you can render these forms (with a language file) on demand. If you are trying to do this with a stand alone PDF (no rendering on the server) then you have no choice but to do it via script.


Create a unique file per language.