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More than 1 user at my testing chat room


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Hi, i got some question.. first is why i cant join more than
one user at the chat.. using


I can login directly from my computer to the server.. i can
login to my app and show the chat frame.. but when i try from
another computer it doesnt show anything.. i dont understand the
way to setup the flex app that i can join more than 1 user.. i
think is in the






so, this is the way i can show the chat, but when i try from
another pc i cant..

another question if i can join to this chat trought a java
client.. using the same room?

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It would be helpful if you can run the debug player on the pc
that doesn't work and send us the debug messages.

Regarding a java client, we are working on it (as I explained
in another thread, mainly for server-to-server communication) but
currently we can't commit on any release date.