Mail Button with alternate recipients



I am a newbie to this (approx 2 weeks), but am gaining confidence with every step!

I am designing a form that goes to clients, abd obviously a Mail button is required. However, the E-Mail address of the button can be one of 4 people, and the client can choose.

I am one for simple solutions, so I have created a drop-down above the Mail button with the 4 individuals' names. The associated values are the "real" e-mail address.

What I need is either

some code on the Mail Button click event to transfer the selected person's E-mail (value) from the dropdown to be the e-mail button's address

or some code in the change event of the dropdown to push to the mail button

Howver, I can't seem to find the correct syntax in the object Model I'm guessing the code would look something like

mailButton.address = MailRecipientDropDown.rawValue

Any help greatly appreciated.