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Mac OS X Apps?


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I having been generating a PDF in Acrobat Pro 9.0 on OS 10.5.4. I am getting very flakey results with fields not validating properly and giving inaccurate dialogues with false feedback (all automatically generated from number limits set in Acrobat)

I remember looking at Adobe LifeCYcle Designer in CS2 on PC and I wonder why it is still not on Mac OS X. Alot of Designers uses Mac and ALOT of online forms could do with a graphic designer's touch! Is this part of Adobe's subtle battle with Apple for the Desktop, (Adobe definitely targets Schools, for example, to go Windows so they can sell all there Video software as opposed Final Studio)

I realise there are PC centric functionalities in Lifecycle Designer but, so what, it could be on Mac if Adobe wanted it there. Sorry if this is the wrong forum folder not sure which place to put this post.

Does anybody know something I don't?
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