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Login for forums is different than login for the app


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For Adobe employees I logged in to the app with just my user name (no "@adobe.com"). However, when clicking on "Feedback" above, I get an error that I can't be logged in. I then had to add "@adobe.com" and use my forum password to login to leave this feedback.

If I relogin into the app, the same problem happens again - ie, it doesn't remember my login for the forums, just the one for the app.

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Hi Marc,

Are you using Beta 2? Beta 2 should remember your login. FYI, the Feedback section is stored on Forums.adobe.com and our IT dept. requires that you NOT use your internal credentials for external authentication. This is why we must ask for a second login for Forums and Feedback plugins. But, again, this info should only be entered once if you click on "save login info".

Please let me know if you have installed Beta 2.


Marc Eaman.


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Yes, I'm using beta 2, and it doesn't remember by feedback forum login.

In addition, here's a couple of other things about the feedback forums:

  • After a post to the forum, I can't create another post without exiting the app first, re-logging in, and resigning into the feedback form.

  • There is the "feedback forum" and then there are other "forums". Why not just have one group of forums?

  • Even though I selected "start app on startup" during install, it was not checked in the preferences of the app. I haven't restarted yet so I don't know if it will actually start on startup or not without checking that box in preferences.

Best regards,




This has been fixed in the 1.0 version available today at http://www.adobe.com/go.cafe

Thanks again for your input!