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Locking a calculated date field


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I have a date field on my form using the custom current date object included in Designer 8.2, which applies the following FormCalc script to the LayoutReady event of the field:

// Current Date in short-style date format.

$.rawValue = num2date(date(), DateFmt(1))

My problem is this: the date is set when the user fills out the form, as expected. However, whenever the form is subsequently opened, the date is updated to the current date. I need to have the field set initially when the user fills out and submits the form, and then make it static so that future reviews of the form show the initial date. I know this is probably something very simple, but I am missing it. Any suggestions?

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I found this script the other day that seems to do the trick:

if ($.rawValue==null)then

$.rawValue = [put your script here]

else $.rawValue