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Livecycle pdfg ipp printer windows passthru


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I was trying to get the pdfg ipp printer working. I installed it on a workstation by going to http://serverip:port/pdfg-ipp/install. When installing you can choose three option for security: anonymous, automatic windows passthru, entering user account and password. When I try the anonymous or windows passthru option it does not work. Entering a user account and password works. The livecycle server is using LDAP authentication. This is working otherwise the user account and password option would not work either.

We want to use the automatic windows passthru option in the printer port configuration because our printer drivers are preïnstalled on citrix servers. Configurating ports is not allowed for users. Even if users would have the option the users do not have the technical knowledge and understanding to configure it.

Can anyone tell me how to get automatic windows passthru working for the pdfg ipp printer? If it works at all.
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Have you found a way to get the Windows Passthu to work?