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livecycle limit text to visible area is ignored


Level 3

Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can help please:

On a text field within a table cell, I want to select "limit length to visible area".  When I do, I get the error icon and the message says  "This object may not work properly.  Limit to visible area is ignored on fields set to expand to fit".. 

But, none of the fields are set to "expand to fit"  (box below) so I don't know why I get this message.


However, the table itself defaults to "auto fit" (box below) and that box is checked, but it's grayed-out so I can't uncheck it.


I've never had this problem before.  Any thoughts?

Thanks much!

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Level 10

Some properties are not disabled/ignored when fields are put in a table cell.

Just activate „Limit Length to visible Area“ and ignore the exclamation mark symbol, it should still work.