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livecycle hosted service provider


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It appears that livecycle policy server is out of reach (financially) for small design firms. Unless I'm missing something.

Is it feasible to setup a multi-user hosted service provider? If a small firm needed to use the service they could subscribe to the service provider with an on-line console for setting document policy on a single document. A limited use facility.

Presumming there are thousands of independent designers who would love to be able to control security on their artwork.

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In fact, we do have a hosted version.

You can access a hosted version of LiveCycle Policy server at:


At this point this service is a beta stage and is available only to subscribers of the Create Adobe PDF Online service.

Please see:


for more details



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Thank you for that I'll check it out.

One last question: Does anyone have a plug in that would allow you to set an document "expiration date" in the document security section of the pdf document. This expiration would compare against the computer clock and wouldn't require a policy server.