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LiveCycle ES update 1 - OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


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Hi Everybody,

we've recently installed the latest "LiveCycle ES update 1 Turnkey" on a Windows 2003 server with 4GB RAM.

Unfortunately we get an "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" exceptions after a short period of time after starting the server (depending on the load).

We've increased the max head size (-Xmx1280m) and the TransactionTimeout attribute (jboss-service.xml) from 300 to 450. These actions just delay the occurrence of the exception.

Due to the JVM limitations we can't increase the heap size anymore.

What can we do to get a stable LiveCycle ES update 1 Turnkey installation.

kind regards


P.S.: The previously installed LiveCycle ES version worked fine.
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Please remove Lava_Adobe.ear from the /server/all/deploy/ folder. Lava_Adobe.ear is the BAM application. If you require BAM, run it in its own JBoss instance.


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We are running into the same problem here on LiveCycle ES 8.2 turnkey installation. We didn't install BAM and the examples. Did you solve the OutOfMemoryError after removing BAM?




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Within the LiveCycle ES Update 1 (ES2) JBoss turnkey you can quickly lower some database connection settings that will greatly reduce if not completely prevent the OOM issues you're seeing. Open the 'adobe-ds.xml' file and edit the 10 settings for both IDP_DS and the EDC_DS, reduce the timeout from 10 minutes to 1 minute for each. Next you can decrease the 30 for the same data sources by lowering them both to 20 (this setting can be fine tuned depending on your load but should not be lower than 20).

Hope this helps!