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Livecycle Designer 8.2 and Access 2007


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work in engineering... we have a change process that we have to go through to make a change on our product. I have a form - ECR that I can send to an engineer to start the process. I fill in the ECR #, the product name and the date (there are lots of other fields but I want to keep this simple). They fill in the reason they need the change and what it is.

I have an MS Access Dabase that I have written to store the information.

I have been able to sucessfully get the form to populate with "my input" from the database (ECR #, name, date). I can distribute it to the engineer and they can fill in "their input" (reason and change) and they can submit it back to me.

Here is where my questions begin.

How can I, once I receive back the form, get the reason and change information into the Access Database? Is there even a way to do this directly? I will be the only one to have access to the database. I just need to know if there is a way for the form and the database to "communicate" so the form places the "reason/change" information back into the correct record in the table.

Ideally I would like to click on a button that I placed on the form and have some sort of statement that tells the form to "connect" to the database where the form ECR # = the database ECR # but so far the only thing that happens is that it opens the connection and the text in my form "reason/change" field goes away. (I assume because the database "reason/change" field is empty in the database and the form is updating to the database instead of the database updating to the form).

I have searched for a solid week on this topic and cannot find the answer. I have gone through all of the tutorials that I can find regarding database and pdf but I can only find references and examples for drop down boxes, not fields. Can anybody point me in the right direction, or at the very least tell me it cannot be done so I can go find another way to accomplish what I need to get done.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Jenn D.
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The issue is that you have set up the connect to the db to be connected as soon as the form is loaded. You will want to delay the connection to the db until you are ready. There is a delayed open checkbox on the last page of the connection wizard. Set this on. To update the db you will have to write a sql statement to execute. Once the sql statement has been executed you will need to do an update command to commit the data. If you post your email address I can send you a sample that shows the different commands and how to enter the sql statement into the connection set.


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My Email is jdickens@dse.net.

I did set the connection to delay and have been trying to find the commands to connect as needed. Thank you so much for the help.

Jenn D.


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I'm looking for a similar solution using LC Designer 8.0. Can you please forward me the samples you mention?

Thank you for any help,


justin_shell @ yahoo.com