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List box - how to bind to XSD?


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I have designed a form with a List Box element (not Drop-down List) and adding values to this list box through script. Basically you click a button that copies the selected value from a larger list box of values to this initially empty list box.

I have bound this list box element to a schema with a simple type content of list. The min and max occurs are 0 to unbounded.

Whenever I load up the form in Workspace and submit it, all form elements but this list box saves/submits properly. The XML tags for the xfaform variable for the listbox element are empty.

Can anyone tell me how to properly bind a list box so it can save the data? The XSD is embedded within the form and I've had no issues saving submitted data until this list box issue. I suspect it is something related to the schema definition.

Partial Schema:

Details: LiveCycle Designer 8.2 + LiveCycle ES Update 1

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I did not thoroughly review your schema snippet. The first thing that jumps out at me though is that list may be a reserved word. I have had lots of issues that were resolved by changing the name of a field or schema element.