Link pasted text across multiple text fields



Hello, I'm trying to use Livecycle Designer 8.05.2. I am editing a .pdf that has a large spot for text that takes up 3 text fields on the page. I would like to find out how to setup the text fields so I can have someone copy text from another source and paste it into the .pdf and the text will fill up in the space provided by the text fields (on text field divided into multiple fields for layout purposes).

I'm trying to use it like InDesign where you can make text boxes (format the text fields beforehand) and then add the text later. The boxes can be setup to link inserted text.

I want to be able to layout the form now and let the user insert their text later using my layout vs. having the text boxes expand on a blank page and that slider show up if something gets too long.

The closest thing I could find on the forum was this: Where Greg in his last post talks about #2 linking text.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.