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Letter Spacing?


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I've been trying to figure out a way to control letter spacing in Adobe LiveCycle 7 ES. I'm new to the program and have tried somejavascript, etc, but with no success.

I created a PDF file containing a dynamic image and 2 font fields.

I'm passing the value from Coldfusion MX 8, using the cfpdfform/cfpdfsubform/cfpdfformparam. I can successfully pass the the value to the image and both text fields, but, I need to have formating (letter spacing) for one of the fields.

I'm guessing there's a way to do it, possibly within the xml source file, or some sort of javascript attatched to the Text Field object.

If anyone out there has any idea, I would really appreciate it. I'm not sure why adobe didn't add a letter spacing (kerning) tool for formatting fonts/characters. You can do line spacing, why not letter..hhhmm??

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Brandin Reed,

Unfortunately, LiveCycle Designer ES (version 8.1) doesn't have advanced font formatting features like kerning, scaling, etc., however it's something we're definitely considering for a future release as there has been great demand for such tools.


Adobe Systems

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Stefan Cameron on Forms.


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OK. Is there some JavaScript or css style sheets that can be used in association with the software. I've tried using styles sheets, and adobe form styles, but it seems to ignore anything relating to letter-spacing?

There's got be a way....right? Or, is it just not in the LiveCycle/Adobe markup language (XFL or whater it's called)?

Perhaps Adobe Acrobat Pro will?

Thanks for your help :)