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Large-scale Adobe forms


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I might have to ask the first question in the relevant portal vendor forums also.

Question 1:

Forms rendered as PDF( I know that HTML is possible) have to be downloaded by the consumer portal from the producer portal for rendering in a WSRP Portlet. Does any one have experience with a consumer portal that has to download huge quantities of PDF forms ? These PDF forms have to rely on a non-WSRP download mechanism like a web server on the consumer( WSRP spec. does not support downloading content in a SOAP envelope). How do you handle this type of load if there are hundreds of screens being rendered as PDF ?

Question 2:

All the JavaScript etc. served by the LifeCycle forms server should be separated and stored on the upstream WebServer so the app. server is not hit. Is it possible to separate them ?

Question 3:

How do we ensure that the huge number of HTML files that we already have do not get completely entangled with Forms ? We would like to keep the HTML as templates so that we can use them if needed without the need to use the LifeCycle forms server.


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