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Javascript Question


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Hey Guys,

I'm having a major issue with repeater grids in my Form Guides...

When I add a row to one of my repeaters its add fines but when I then try use the xml associated with the form I encounter an action script error.

Whet happens is I save the current xml to a field using:

The problem is with the rows in the repeater i've added, in the xml it appears like:


This only becomes a problem when I try invoke a web service using the field that I copied the xml into as an input parameter to the WS.

So as a work around I need to do the following:

Field.rawvalue = xfa.datasets.saveXML();

Now I need to remove all occurances of:
1. dd:maxOccurs="-1"
2. dd:minOccurs="0"

I don't know how to do this in Javascript!!

Can someone help??
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Is there only one occurance of maxOccurs in the string? If so then use javascript string functions to find and replace.


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Hey Paul,

There can be 0 to many occurances.

Thats what I was asking for, if someone could tell me where to find a javascript reference document with functions that are available to use with LiveCycle