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JavaScript Error


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Hello. I'm a beginner, and I need HELP! I'm trying to create a collapsible / flowing form [not sure if that is correct terminology]. Everytime I run the JavaScript checker, I get this message:

Error: Expected ;, Line: 4.

I have a semi-colon at the end of the line - but still get same error. Here is a sampling of the script. Can anyone help. I can forward the file, if need be.

if (this.rawValue == 1){

LossRuns-4yrs.presence = "visible";

AutomobileQuestionnaire.presence = "visible";

MVRsorDriversList.presence = "visible";

SwimmingPoolQuest.presence = "visible";
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Do you have a closing brace "}" after the last line?


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Send the file to livecycle8@gmail.com and I will have a look when I get a chance.