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Java Session and LCDS


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I am trying to integrate a Flex application using LCDS with a legacy web-based Java application. The legacy application makes heavy use of the java session. I am able to get the jsessionid using HTTP service calls to the application however, calling LCDS, I cannot get the session.

I've tried the flex.messaging.getServletContext() but, this doesn't seem to be it. Any ideas would be helpful.

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Hi. What channel/endpoint are you using to connect to the server? If it's RTMP or a streaming or polling channel that uses the NIO server there may not be an easy way to get at the HTTP session.

In general, I don't think it's a good idea to store stuff in the HTTPSession because it may not be available from all channels/endpoints.

If you do need to store stuff in the session though, I'd try using a HTTP (non NIO) streaming or polling channel. I am guessing using those channels' FlexContext.getServletContext() will work to get you the HTTP session.