IPP - The User is marked Obsolete



Hi everybody,

we have an LC 8 Update 1 Server up and running. We're synchronizing the users with AD. Finally we have installed an IPP Printer what worked in the beginning. After a few days we got the following error:

2009-01-15 07:48:40,653 WARN [com.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception.IDPLoggedException]

UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: 29724544] | [AuthenticationManagerBean] errorCode:12803 errorCodeHEX:0x3203 message: The user is marked as Obsolete

2009-01-15 07:48:40,731 WARN


UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: 29724544] Authentication failed for user [test.user] (Error code - 12803 [0x3203]) as none of the AuthProviders can authenticatethe user. Refer to debug level logs of category com.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception for more details.

2009-01-15 07:48:40,731 ERROR


ALC-PDG-006-016-User authentication failed.

We could not find a single article concerning one of the above error codes.

Any Ideas?

kind regards






In log4j.xml file, increase logging level to "DEBUG".<br />e.g. in JBoss\server\all\conf\log4j.xml file,<br />for <Appender name="FILE".., change the threshold level from "INFO" -> "DEBUG".<br />e.g.<br />--<br /><param name="Threshold" value="DEBUG"/><br />--<br /><br />Once that is done, server log should provide more details regarding the authentication failure as specified in the message above. Perhaps it might contain error code from Active Directory. If the lower level message contains AD error code, you might be able to look up that error code on MSDN.