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Invisible subforms in html, problem in ES


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In our older environment, we haven't had any problems with subforms set to invisible in Designer actually being invisible in a html rendered form. Now when we are evaluating the ES platform, this is not the case anymore which we have to consider being a huge problem for us with our solutions and demands from the customers.

Yes, I could set the subform to Invisible through javascript on init but then labels/captions are still visible. If we only would use the text fields without captions it would be working (looping through all fields in each subform and setting to invisible), but then it would be a lot more work and also not ultimate to use this solution (tab orders, positioning and the fact that it is far from a good solution).

Anybody with knowledge of what's going on? I suspect that some scripts that should be run on server (rendering?) isn't done at all or not in the same way as in previous versions of Livecycle Forms.
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Sounds like you should open a support incident with this one. Do you have support for livecycle?


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With some help from my coworkers, we have found a workaround. Goes pretty much like this:

viewForm(Subform1, false); //invisible subform

viewForm(Subform1, true); //visible subform

function viewForm(formObject, visible){

var p = "hidden";


p = "visible";

formObject.presence = p;

formObject._peer.style.visibility = p;


But you're right, this feels like a support/bugg issue. It's just that it usually takes some time to get decent answers that way...