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Interactive form with MVC model and databinding


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Dear all,

I am trying to create an interactive form based on one of the Adobe's examples:


This form is an interactive form with a nice navigation model. It works perfect, but when I create a data connection and bind a field on the form, the navigation model does not work anymore.

I have located the problem. I remove the following code, the navigation model does work again :

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,

Noël Hendrikx
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Some more information regarding my problem:

It seems that the loadXML and saveXML does not like the data binding.

When I don't use a data connection (and no binding), navigation works perfect and the data on the different pages is stored.

When I use a data connection, the navigation still works, but the data is not stored anymore.

When I use a data connection and a data binding, navigation does not work and also the data is not stored.

By the way: I am using Lifecycle Designer 7.


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Did you overcome the problem. I am facing a similar one.