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Installation MRA keeps failing / adobe-rca-core-services-dsc not running


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How to install MRA Solution Accelerator on an ES2 server?

on validating install, i always get an

adobe-rca-core-services-dsc.jar: DSC status: Stopped.

How to find out, why this service does not want to start?

LogFiles give no hint.

Platform: Windows 2008 Server x64, JBOss, SQL Server 2008.

BTW - what is an correct sample of the "adobe-sa-ds.xml" for SQL Server?

The documentation got more than one obvious typo.

Thanks for any hints,

(as an turnkey installation on a different machine already failed with similiar problems)


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partly solved - deployment and deployment validation now finally succeeded.

(But creation of Review templates fails (staying in the waiting-cursor forever))

Seems, as if the installation guide should be more elaborate about how to enable XA-Datasources

on an JBoss Windows SQL-Server scenario.


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Few days ago I was facing simillar issue -

follow this link to enable XA -


After following these steps to enable XA - transactions in sql server I was able to resolve the issue.

And one more thing to note, even after following the steps to enable XA - transactions if the MRA fails, try doing this - Login to Workbench. Open components view. Right cick Components and install and start the below mentioned DSC (in order):

1. adobe-rca-core-services-dsc.jar

2. adobe-rca-reviewzoneprovider-dsc.jar


Just right click the stopped components and start it.

Regards -