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Installation Freezes


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to install turnkey jboss win32 version.

I have downloaded the install image and extracted to the hard disk.

I have installed the latest JDK.

I have set the JAVA_HOME env. variable.

The machine is a Winn2003Ent with P4 and 2GB RAM.

The machine is a domain controller and a sharepoint services host on port 80.

The installation freezes saying "unpacking and launching installer" with a %50 cpu load on java.exe and 18500K mem usage never changing a byte for say 4 hours.

Any suggestions?

Tahnk you..
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Hi Devrim,

Be sure to change regional settings to US-EN.


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I've had this before, when it happens I usually turn down the process priority in task manager for the java.exe process which is using the most CPU (the installer starts two java.exe processes). It might not work for you, but it's worth a shot.

I've not heard of "us-en" being a requirement to install, in fact the default locale I use is the UK one, and I usually uninstall the US locale when I first install the OS. I remember this applied to certain products for LC7, but it's not been something I've had to worry about with ES.

A side issue (probably unrelated), when you say "latest JDK", I think ideally it would be a Java 5 JDK, not the latest major version, 6. From the "System prerequisites" section of installation docs:

Sun Java Software Development Kit (JDK) 1.5.0_11 or a later update of JDK 1.5.0.


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Thank you Ahmet and Robert for your responses.

I have set the regional settings. And launched a new install, unfortunately nothing changed.

Robert, I did not exactly understand the "turn down the process priority" phrase but I have set the priority of java.exe to belownormal and low. Unfortunately that did not help, too.

Yes I have JDK 1.6.0_04-b12 installed.

And I am planning to install JDK 1.5.* version as a runtime.

Thanks again..



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Disabling the antivirus before launching the installer speeds up the process. If you have one running might be worth trying that.

If you want to check that the installer is actually unpacking something try FileMon from the Microsoft website. You should see java.exe process writing loads of files into the temporary directory during the unpacking phase... if that's not happening then it is suffering from starvation.

It's worth noting that if you are running the installer across a network, this phase can take a considerable amount of time, and also that having Filemon running will increase this further, so it's worth just opening Filemon for a short time every few minutes just to check something is happening.

You'll want to set a filter up in Filemon to just include java.exe.

In Filemon, if you see that the only file being accessed is one called "splash.flg", then try the process priority trick at that point and observe whether files start being written to the temporary folder. I find it can take 5-20 minutes to unpack across a network depending on network/processor speed, even after disabling anti-virus and adjusting process priorities.


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Thank you Robert for your Filemon recommendation.

I have installed it, and launched a new install.

After some time processing files into temp directory, filemon stucked into a loop, saying:


16:08:35 java.exe:2924 QUERY INFORMATION C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\splash.flag NOT FOUND Attributes: Error



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OK, at the point where it is just accessing splash.flag, check you can see two java.exe processes in task manager, look for the one that is using the most CPU, and set the priority to BelowNormal on just that java.exe, then see if files begin unpacking to the temp folder again.


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This thing goes deeper.

The thing is:

I see two java process for sometime. But when this killer loop start, the second java terminates. So whether or not I lower the priority of the first one, nothing happens.

Will wipe the temp directory and start over.

This might be the most problematic installation I have seen in past 5 years except that horrible Slackware installation 🙂


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OK I think something is happening 🙂

lets assume :

java1 -> 50% cpu consuming process monitoring a file

java2 -> the other process trying to copy the files

After wiping out the temp folder I have set

java1 - belownormal - processor1

java2 - aboveaverage - processor0

these processors are hyperthreads - not real

But now i have managed to get pass that horrible launching screen and began to make the actual install.

Thanks everyone - installation problems finished - see u in configuration problems forum 😄


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For best results you should try and run the installer locally by copying the entire cdimage to your local machine and installing from there. Turning off virus scan will also greatly speed things up.


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Make sure the path to the installation bits is short. I ran into a problem where the installer mysteriously stopped at the same step every time. For whatever reason the install bits were in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents. When I moved to C:\LC\ I had no issues.


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If you are installing the JBoss turnkey the path from which the install was launched and where it is being installed to can not be very long (the JBoss folder is being copied and contains some files with very long nested directory paths, we cannot go over the windows 256 character limit). There is also a memory check requiring 4gb of memory for turnkey operations. There have been issues where the warning message has not been visible and the install appears hung, this has only happened on certain VMware images to my knowledge.