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If Statement


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Since today is March 30, 2009 it seems to me this formula would use 25. But, it doesn't. It uses 20. Since March 30 is certainly greater than March 27, why does it do that?

form1.#subform[0].Table2.Row1.NoReg * if(date2num(date(),"MMM DD, YYYY")> date2num("Mar 27, 2009","MMM DD, YYYY"),25,20)


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I would change your logic to the following FormCalc code.....

if (Date() > date2num("Mar 27, 2009","MMM DD, YYYY")) then

form1.#subform[0].Table2.Row1.NoReg * 25


form1.#subform[0].Table2.Row1.NoReg * 20



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When writing scripts, many languages require strict capitalization of key words as well as correct spelling. In LiveCycle Designer one uses 'Date'.


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Thanks SekharN and George for you reply.

I'm now using this and it seems to be working OK.

if(Date()> date2num("Mar 27, 2009","MMM DD, YYYY"), 25, 20) * NoReg

Although I'm new to FormCalc and JavaScript I'm not new to coding. Been developing software using dBase, Clipper and Xbase++ since DOS days. And, I'm aware that each language has it's quirks. Surprised I didn't notice that uppercase "D" on date(). Will continue to study.

Anyway thanks again.


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I have never done scripting. I have 2 text objects, A1 and A2. I want if A1 is empty then A2 is the word "NONE". How do I write this in Form Calc? Thanks.