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I like to buy a XPAAJ library


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I'm developing a small project in java, it's a desktop application.

This application has to populate a PDF document. The PDF document has

been developed using LiveCycle with a dynamic XFA form.

Regarding to the LiveCycle API documentation. This has to be necessarily connected to the LiveCycle server to populate the PDF document.

I like to populate the PDF document without connect my application to LiveCycle server.

I tested the XPAAJ library and it's good for me. But Adobe doesn't support more this library.

Please, could you tell me where/how I could buy that library? Could someone sell an old licence of the XPAAJ library?


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I'm in the same boat.

I'd like to extract contents from pdf files using the XPAAJ.jar. However it's not available anymore, and my download attempt of the LifeCycle Enterprise edition trial version failed...

Any help would be appreciated :-)


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I also want to know the answer! But seems nobody in Adobe interesting in this topic!


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XPAAJ was never a "supported" library - the EULA specifically stated that it was not supported through Adobe's support network.

I also believe that XPAAJ was also never for sale from Adobe - it was a free, use at your own risk, download.

The license for XPAAJ also specifically stated that you had to have purchased a license for an Adobe Enterprise software (such as LiveCycle).

Here is Adobe's position regarding XPAAJ:

"Note: Those customers familiar with XPAAJ will appreciate the new Java libraries which are now part of LiveCycle ES. These Java libraries provide more functionality than before, and allow Java developers to more easily build Java applications that work with PDF documents. Because we are now offering the entire LiveCycle ES suite in a trial version, XPAAJ is no longer available."


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Please, could anybody provide more details about which .jar files it applies to?

There is really need, especially on start-ups and small projects, to perform simple tasks that XPAAJ could handled without problems. If there is no legal and supported solution except of full Adobe Forms server, customers often find themself some 3rd party utility that weak Adobe LC product position on the account.


--- Jaroslav


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We are also interested about future of xppaj. Which components of LifeCycleES fit best for the replacement? are there equivalent jars?

regards, stefan


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Which jar files in LifeCycleES can be used as replacement to xpaaj.jar? Are there any examples using these jar files to extract forms data from PDF file?


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To export data from a PDF form the following jars are required:




For an example see


API Quick Starts (Code Examples) > Form Data Integration Service API Quick Starts



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This example explains how to export data in XML format.

But how could I extract the embedded files of a PDF that was rendered with Adobe Forms previously?

I have found examples for the XPAAJ api but not for the LiveCycle's API.

What are the equivalent classes or jars that let me resolve this problem?

Thanks a lot