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How Workspace connect wih LiveCycle Database


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I am trying to put a "Change Password" operation for the loginned user inside the Workspace. I have imported workspace source to my Flex Builder. In the UI I have put the necessary fields for password change and a button for change the old password with current. I am new to Flex so I could not understand how Flex connect with LiveCycle.

It seems with remoting, it calls the livecycle services. Is there any service that can I call to change password operation? Or how can I connect the database and change password? Can somebody put the sample or pseudo codes?

Thank you

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Hi Asiye

Normally LiveCycle is configured to use LDAP authentication. In this case, LiveCycle is not really capable of changing the passwords - this must be done through the LDAP server (ie ActiveDirectory, etc).

If you're using Local domain, then passwords are stored in LiveCycle.

I'm sure there is an api for changing passwords, but I'm not sure what, or how you would find out about it.

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