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How to get Form's Attachment File


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I want to get form's attachment file and write them on disk. I found "writeDocument" to write on disk but I don't know how to get form's attachment file (This attachment file is added in the workspace with the tab attachment file, beside the form tab).

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Are they added by a user at a user step in the workflow or when you first initiate the form.

If they're added by a user at a user step in your process, you can use the "Output Attachment" property of the "Attachment and Notes" tab to store them in a list.

If they're added when you first initiate the form, we'll have to use some script in the script service to extract them from the task.



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For information about saving attachments that are added at a user step in the process, here's the topic in Workbench ES Help:




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Hi Siham

We have components for manipulating attachments, and for saving them to directories (including the initial step of a workflow).

These haven't been released yet (we're working on a release within the next 2 weeks), but if you'd like early access, please email info-at-avoka.com, and we'll organize you a beta copy.




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In response to question about getting attachments from Form

Jasmin Charbonneau, "How to get Form's Attachment File" #1, 21 Aug 2008 4:14 am

it is said that I have to use some script to extract them if they are added during form initiation.

I'm not able to find any help or reference how to do that, where do I look, is there some implicit object I can use, is there a global function or service that I could use to access those attachments?

I know that I will have those initiating attachments in the next user task if I select 'Copy all attachments and notes from previous task' but I need to access them before that.

Any help is appreciated, even just which part of documentation I need to search to find answer.


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Take a look at this post

let me know if you need any more help




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gbedekar (the above poster) has a component on his blog (eslifeline.wordpress.com) with which you can pass in a TaskID and get all the attachments within that task. I'd take a look at it!

Conversely, you can simply use the built-in functionality of the Assign Task (user) service to store any attachments in a list.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Josh Boyle


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