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How to fill info from database


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I have the database talking to livecycle. I am using OLEDB via the ODBC in server 2003 for the connection. I can access the database in PHP no problem using the ODBC functions.

All I want to do is query a customer ID and return a first and last name. The SELECT statement is simple however what goes in front and after the SELECT statement is not clear to me.

I just need a bare bones example to get going. with what the fields need and the button to execute the query.

Any help would be greatful.

Thanks in advance Charlie
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Is this data being retrieved after the user enters the Customer ID?

If so then you can set up th econnection to have a delayed open (so that you can control when the connection to the DB is established). There is a checkbox on the 2nd screen of the data connection wizard.

Now you can create the SQL statement and set a property of the DtaaConnection (programmatically) and open the data connection. If you post your email address I will send you a sample. You will not have my DB but you will get the idea.