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How to determine which PDF From submit button a user clicks


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My form has two buttons to trigger form submission, 'Approve' and 'Decline'.

I used to simply check the value of the AWS_ACTION field, but since

upgrading to LiveCycle ES Update 1 (version 8.2.1 with SP1), the AWS_ACTION

field is always NULL.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a new way to determine which

button was pressed with the Update 1 release?

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Your form just requires one submit button. The AWS_ fields are needed if you want to submit the PDF offline or you intend to render it as HTML.

I assume that your workflow has 2 routes, Approve and Decline? If you are rendering the form as a PDF then Workspace will hide the submit button on the form and 2 button are displayed on the Workspace chrome called 'Approve' and 'Decline'. Clicking on one of these button invoke the submit button on the form.

Hope that helps.


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My form has only one submit button, but the workflow has 2 routes.

In the Workbench, I inserted the "Custom -> Process Fields" and

my rendering process uses the "Inject Form Bridge" operation to

prepare the form for use in Workspace.

Prior to upgrading to LiveCycle ES Update 1, the AWS_ACTION field

would contain the name of the button pressed by the user to submit

the Form (i.e., which route they selected). Now that field is always


I need to know in the Form which route the user is selecting so I can

perform the necessary field validation. For example, if they choice

'Decline', I need to ensure they provided a reason why.

As I mentioned, this Form worked perfectly prior to upgrading to

Update 1 (version 8.2.1 with SP1).


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The AWS_Action field should still be populated with the action (route) that was clicked from WorkSpace.

I just added a app.alert before it submits and I got the right value.





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Could my problem be caused by the fact I'm working with a form created

from the previous version of LiveCycle ES? I just tried it on another

from and I get the same problem, app.alert(AWS_ACTION.rawValue) displays


My LiveCycle version info is:

Version: 8.2.1, GM

Patch Version: SP1

Service Pack Version: 8.2.2287.2.189966.1

I'll try creating a new form and see if I get different behavior.


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I created a new form and workflow process, and now AWS_ACTION does

contain the name of the Workspace button clicked by the user.

It's seems there's an issue with the forms or processes that I

upgraded from the previous release. Recreating my forms from

scratch is not really an option for me. Any suggestions on

how to get this working?



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I've narrowed down the problem a little more.

The form that works as expected is using a process variable of type

"Form" and the PDF is submitted as an XDP.

If I change it so the process uses a "Document Form" variable and

submit the PDF as a PDF, the AWS_ACTION field is always null.

In my case, I have to submit as a PDF since I have attachments

(pdf attachments, not Workspace attachments).

Any ideas?



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You've hit the nail on the head now. Fixes were done in Update 1 to better support digital signatures. The Document Form is the container that routes the signed PDF. As a result we do not make any updates to the PDF when using the Document Form variable (such as the AWS_ACTION field) to prevent breaking any digsig's on the PDF.

Is there a reason why Workspace attachments cannot be used here?


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I am running into the same problem. I am doing form validation on submit, but the user has the option to Cancel. They would find it annoying to be prompted for validation when clicking Cancel.


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You can make the input variable xfaForm and creating a custom submit that uses processFormSubmission to create the XML Form to launch the process. I do not know how the get the attachments over to the main process though as there are a limited number of variables to use.

I may end up looping through the attachments in the form script, Base64 encoding them and inserting into the form data so I can submit as XDP. I would then strip out in the map for use in the next render.


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Hi John,

How ard from where you did find this info?

Version: 8.2.1, GM

Patch Version: SP1

Service Pack Version: 8.2.2287.2.189966.1

just curious since there are many product/interfaces involved in LCES




Level 1

I have the same question: how to determine which submit button a user clicks. The form had multiple buttons instead a list. So I assume that the AWS_ACTION doesn't work for me. How about AWS_CHOICE and  AWS_status? My workbench version is

I tested with AWS_CHOICE, it returns NULL when clicking one of buttons.

Is AWS_ACTION works for my version?

Any Adobe workbench library(API) doucments availabel online? Any form and process samples available somewhere?

Thanks and best regards,


Level 4

Did anyone ever come up with solution to this common problem?  When using a document form, how can you find out which route name(AWS_ACTION) was chosen so the appropriate validation code can be executed?

I've asked in the past how the form can interact with the workspace, and the answer was that it can't, so I hope there is a way for the form to know which route was chosen.