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How to create single instance of an Remote object?


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I am using a remote object and its method to retrieve and
display some data in a datagrid.

The remote object has a method called getEmployeeList and I
have given it an id as "srv" in my mxml application.

But every time I make a call to that getEmployeeList method,
a new instance of that class(remote object) is created (and also
new values for its members).

But what I wnat is to have the same instance of remote object
per browser .

Is there a way to do this?

Pls. anyone suggest.
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Create your employee list as "public static" in another Java
public class. Get/Set the list from/to the public static class in
your RemoteObject instance. This may solve your problem.



Level 2
You'll want to set the 'scope' attribute on the destination
configuration in the configuration file remoting-config.xml.


The default is request which means that a new object is
created on each request.

If you use, session then a new object is created for each
session. I believe this is what you're looking for.

If you use, application then a single instance is used by the
entire application.