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How to add a link to another page


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I am new to Adobe Designer 7.0, I'm liking it so far, I had a question though, I was wondering how I could make a link from one page to another. For instance, I want to have a table of contents and I want the user to be able to click on the word whatever that may be and for it to go to the page which they chose.

I appreciate your responses!!

Mac Mendez
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Mac, the best way to do this is use a Button and change it to look like a hyperlink (color, etc.). Add a setFocus JavaScript on the Click event to a field on the page you want it to go to; e.g.,


If there is not a field on the page, make a hidden field for it to jump to.


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It may be worth mentioning: Designer is only intended to design fill

in forms. The mention of table of contents might mean a particularly

complicated form set, but it suggests that you might be using it to

design normal documents for reading - not a good purpose if so...

Aandi Inston


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Actually, I built a multi-page form, with repeating instances, and the client required a table of contents and index that updates and numbers on additional instances. I have it hyperlinking and it works beautifully. It was built in Designer 7.1 and works very nicely with Readers 7.0.9/8.1+.