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HOT! Open External PDF in Adobe Reader


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Hopefully someone will have some insight on a problem I having with a form I have created. I am using the line xfa.host.gotoURL to open an external PDF from the current PDF. When I use the form in Adobe Professional the funtion works great. I am able to open a PDF with no issues, but when I try to use the form in Reader the function does not work. Not even an error message. When I click the button I created...nothing happens.

I am getting some pressure from my higher-ups to finish this form today but this is the most important function of the form. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Alex R. Ruiz
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I'm having the same problem. Has there been any solution to get xfa.host.gotoURL() to work in Adobe Reader?


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It works fine for me ....can you post a form that has the issue so we can see what you are doing?



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You can use:


to open another Adobe form.