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Highlighted field


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I have a problem with Adobe Reader 8.1 and the Highlighted fields.

There is a form A designed in designer 8.2 and the form properties are set to be compatible with reader 8.1 or later.

In this form, there is just a "Textfield".

"A" is render with the Default Render PDF form service.I open the form in Workspace.

-->The field works well in Reader 8.1 and 9.

I add a step at the end of the render to apply Usage rights. I open the form in workspace.

-->The rights are well apply.

-->The field doesn't appear anymore in blue with red border even in click the button in workspace (Reader 8.1).

-->The field works well with reader 9.

I save the form outside the browser on my desktop. I open the form (Reader 8.1).

--> The field works well.

Thanks you for any advice.
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Anybody has the same problem with Reader 8.1 ?


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Ok I found the solution in another topic. The render at client option in renderPDFform service must be set to no. So the highlight works now with reader 8.1 in workspace.

Edit: The form is no longer dynamic if I set this option so the problem is still there.


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In Firefox 3 with reader 8.1, the highlighted fields works fine.

So the problem is with the combination of Internet Explorer 6 and Adobe Reader 8.1.

Are they people who apply usage rights to the render process to a pdf document and display it in workspace with Internet Explorer 6 and Adobe Reader 8.1 without troubles ?



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One thing to try is to remove the Form Augmenter service in the Default Render process, and explicitly add the Form Bridge component (on the Custom Objects tab in Designer) to your form.

Please let us know if this works.




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Hi Howard,

First thanks for your solution.

I try it but there is no results.

I remove the Form Augmenter service in the "Render PDF Form ES Update 1" and add the Form Bridge component in my form. I'm not use to use this object, I just drag and drop the object into the form, is there anything else to do ?

Thank you.