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Help on check box for variable properties--input,output,required


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In creating variables, say F01, F02 AND F03 and F04, what is the difference between the following

Variable input output required

F01 X

F02 X X

F03 X


For example variable F03 is required and variable F04 is not. What is

the difference between a variable that is marked as required and a variable

that is not required.

Thanks for insight.
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A variable mark as input and required means that the process will not run without this variable being populated/present. If you do not turn requred on then it means that the variable ma be populated but the process will run without it. The input means that the variable is fed into the process by the calling program and th eoutput means that he variable will be returned to the calling program upon completion.

Make sense?


Level 3
Thank you.

Does marking a variable as REQUIRED only make sense if the variable is

also marked as either INPUT or OUTPUT.



Level 10
Only when it's marked as Input really.