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Help! Cannot format PDF results into usable format


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Okay go easy on me here. I'm new to Adobe LifeCycle forms and not a programmer by any means. However, I'm willing to learn with the right direction. Our company does not have an Enterprise Server, so my capabilities are limited.

I have a form that has lots of "List Boxes" with values I want to capture (Its an audit form- and basically the employee can have various errors in one cagegory or list box.

The problem arises when I enable "Allow Multiple Selection". When I export the results (Using just Adobe Professional) in .csv, I have all these crazy fields in no particular order or logic.

My first listbox for example, is named "Courteous_Contribution". I see a value for "Courteous_Contribution" however, when multiple fields are selected all I see is "value[0]value[0]value[1]value[0]value[0]". I'm assuming for every additional selection it appends a new variable.

How can I concantenate the values of one listbox with 'multiple selections' to export under ONE field name, perhaps with a "," delimited. This way I can text to columns my results in excel.

Let me know if this is a bad example. Forgive me for not being able to explain this better.

Any help is extremely appreciated!
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