Help! Basic if statement...



I need to create an if statement and I'm unsure how. If a radio button is chosen, I need the Submit by E-mail button to only email one address instead of the regular 4 for the other radio button.

Is this possible?




check this PDF

It uses a regular button rather than the built in submit button

I have created a variable called emailAddresses which changes depending on which radiobutton is checked. the script on the button is as follows:

var emailAddresses;

if (form1.sub.radios.rawValue == 1)

emailAddresses = "";

if (form1.sub.radios.rawValue == 2)

emailAddresses = ";";{cURL:"mailto:" + emailAddresses + "?subject=Submitted Form&body=Please find attached the completed form.",cSubmitAs:"XDP",cCharset:"utf-8"});