Get attachments from pdf



I have a problem that is urgent. I want to extract attachements from a pdf file using java apis. I started from an example buf the BIG problem is that i don't have a documentation for certain java classes.<br />A piece of my code:<br /><br />PDFDocument pdfDoc = pdfFactory.openPDF(pdfFile);<br />try{<br /> EmbeddedDataObject[] edoList = pdfDoc.getDataObjectList();<br /> if (edoList.length>0){<br /> for(int i=0;i<edoList.length;i++){<br /> try{<br /> DataBuffer edodb = pdfDoc.exportDataObject(edoList[i].name);<br /><br /> }<br /> catch (Exception e){}<br />}<br />catch (Exception e){}<br /><br />DataBuffer is com.adobe.service.DataBuffer, buf i can't find documentation for it.<br />Please help.<br /><br />Regards, bogdan