Generating XML file



Hi to All. Help me, pls.

I have created a form with LiveCycle Designer ES and need help for submitting it in XML-format file to localhost. (such as C:\Users\Administrator\Documents)

I need to push the button (using Adobe Reader) and XML file should be generated and saved in my directory (or any other place, like

I know, that XML file can be generated when use EmailSubmitButton and there are no any default e-mail client (you have to save xml file for sending it via Internet e-mail client).

How can I save data in XML file???





You will not be able to submit it to yourself unless you have a web server running on your machine. You can save the XML locally but you cannot do it unless the user picks the filename to save. Create a regular button and on th eclick event put this command:

xfa.host.exportData("", false);

When the button is pressed a file choose dialog will pop up allowing the user to pick the file and location of the data file.