FormDesigner.exe crashed when I attempt to move an object in the document hierarchy



I'm using LiveCycle Designer ES2 to create a dynamic XML form.

I have a flowed page layout with a series of subforms arranged from top to bottom. The order of the subforms is necessary. When I attempt to move a subform up or down in the Hierarchy panel, the entire application freezes, then crashes. This happens regardless of what type of object is selected, number of selected objects, etc. Can anyone provide some assistance? I've tried rebooting, as well as running the application in comatibility mode with Windows XP (SP3); I have not yet tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

I can't attach the pdf as the content is sensitive in nature.

Technical Details:

Running Windows 7 x64 with all updates installed.

LiveCycle Designer ES2 version

I have the latest version of CS5.5 Design Premium installed, as well as the latest version of Premier.