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FormCalc question - multiple dropboxes


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Let me start by saying that I am not a code person, but I'll try my best to follow what you are saying. I've done some simple forms and managed to get FormCalc to do what I want, but now I want to try a more complicated one with multiple drop-down boxes. I've seen a few examples using if/elseif stuff but haven't figured out how to translate it into what I need.

I am going to write out in NON-code what I am trying to do and maybe someone can help me figure out how to start the code.

Basically, I have a form that is calculating payments for a loan. The payment amount (PmtAmt) field would be dependent on 3 other drop down fields: Term, APR, and Promo (and also AmtFin which is calculating correctly right now).

So, in plain English, if term=12 and promo=90SAC and APR=17.99, then PmtAmt would equal AmtFin * .09170. But if term=24 and promo=SAC and APR=17.99, then the PmtAmt would equal AmtFin * .04994.

My term dropdown has 7 choices, APR has 3, and Promo has 7. I know that is a lot of combinations, but in reality, some of them could be combined, if that can be done with the code. For example, my example above would have the same results if promo = 90SAC, 180SAC, or 365SAC or STND (4 of the 7 drop-down options for Promo).

If that is unclear, let me know. Usually once someone gets me started I can figure out the rest. Thanks!!
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