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formatted value


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I am wondering if it is possible to get the formatted value of a field?

My problem is that I'm filling a drop-down with values from a table of Decimal fields. These Decimal-fields have a Display/Edit/Data pattern of 'num{ZZ9.999}'. The locale is set to Dutch/Belgium so the values are shown as '1,500'.

Now I need to put these values with the same formatting into a drop-down list. The locale of the drop-down is set to Dutch/Belgium.

But when I use .rawValue in scripting it gives me '1.5' instead of '1,500'.

Is there a way of getting the same type of formatting for my value in the drop-down?

Thanks in advance,

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Can you use .formattedValue in scripting instead or .rawValue?


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Hi Dennis,

Damn, so stupid of me to have missed that.