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Floating Text?! Please Help!?


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I am trying to create a document in Adobe Livecycle 8. I have a document that is 3 pages long, i want the user to enter their name and other info on the first page and have that information automaticly fill in on the other pages which are full paragraphs. Please help with any input thanks!!!!


{1st Page}




{Second Page}

I, ------, am here to state today that my phone number is ------ and i am --- years old

so now how can i get that info from the first page to fill in to the right places on the second page?... *Confussed* please help thank you!
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All great stuff - thank you for it. I couldn't find anyone else that had the relayout() function as part of their scripts and I couldn't get it to work until I found this post.

If I can add one more item to the list though -

I would really like to make my floating fields more dynamic - e.g. I was hoping to use them as a sort of glossary in my forms.

For example when I have a term like "Variable Annuity" - in some text - I would like to make it a floating field so that I can give it a unique tool-tip and also make an on-click event that will take the user to an on-line glossary we have created just for this purpose.

So far it seems as though the floating field in-line text doesn't support any field properties (only its value). If I make the field visible I can get the onClick even to work on the field itself but not the tool-tip and nothing works on the floating field in-line text.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. I have a bad feeling though that I am out of luck on this and will need to find another solution.





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Hi Andrew,

Maybe i don't see exactly what you want, but let see. Why not to make the "Variable Annuity" simply a floating texte for the unique tooltip and then let it follow by a link like "http://www.online-glossary.com", what ever the url of your online glosary is. so then you have what you want ?!

Regards Mike.


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It's easy for everyone. I did all the steps, but JS. I could not find the code. you could send me a mail at the address required for the floting field.

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