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Flex Database Connection


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I am really new to Flex and am not a programmer, but am
trying to learn to automate some of my reports, my question is can
Flex connect to a MS Access database and can you call to it with an
ASP page? I know that flex can use the .NET framework, but was
curious if there is a way to set Flex up to talk to a "simple"
database via ASP.. I am probably not asking the question correctly.
Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



(for that matter...is it possible to connect to Flash in the
sameway above while authoring in AS3)?
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The most important thing to realize about Flex and it's
ability to connect to a database is that i cannot!

There is nothing in Flex that knows anything about .Net or
vice versa!

Absolutely, Flex can talk to old simple ASP pages. It's
entirely upto the ASP page to figure out about how it wants to
connect to a database. Once it has retrieved that data from
database, all it has to do is to write it to the Response object
as, let's say, XML or JSON or what have you.

Once you have this page and you hit it in the browser and see
the appropriate response, you're ready to call it from Flex. In
flex you'll use HTTPService class and listen for result and fault
events. One you've recieived the data its upto you to display it
whichever way you like.

Yes, of course, you can use the same HTTPService in Flash CS3
to connect to the same page, listen for same result and falut event
and get the data.



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Thanks for your reply. I have another quick question...In
terms of the result set, is there a way to pass them from the ASP
page rather than creating/converting to XML?



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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, the answer is no! Just like you can't show
your result set on an HTML page without iterating it, getting it's
properties -- rows and columns -- and converting them them to HTML
text for browser to show; there is no way for Flex to understand
semantics of a result set.

Your best bet could be a third party library that quickly
converts a result set into more portable XML or CSV or JSON.