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File bloat


Former Community Member
I have been working on a dynamic PDF and noticing the file size get larger and larger and the performance becoming slower-and-slower.

I am new to Livecycle designer and javascript so this is my first form.

Can anybody make suggestions how to reduce the bloat?

I am happy to send the file if anybody is willing to look at it.

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Former Community Member
One suggestion:

Are you using perhaps uncommon fonts or possibly embedding fonts which do not require embedding?

When you Save As, below the filename there are some checkboxes..

Check if Embed Fonts is checked & try unchecking(?)

I can have a look at it (can't guarantee anything but will try)..

If nobody more 'experienced' replies to you, you could send a copy to me on mashdown45 AT gmail.com


Former Community Member

I also can look at it. I had made some forms, but i not a expert, but i can try help you. You can send me the form to palma.marta@gmail.com

Best Regards,