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fds.swc permission problem?


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Hi, I have a project that i have setup on a CVS repository. I
just installed eclipse 3.2, coldfusion developer, and flex builder
on my machine running Vista Ultimate. i connected to our CVS
brought down the project and am getting the following error
unable to open
'\Applications\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\flex\libs\fds.swc' [\b].
so I am assuming i am having a file permission error as the file
does exist.

Other issues that might pertain:

I installed Eclipse 3.4 and then flex builder, to find out
that Flex doenst like 3.4 so i had to find Europa. I uninstalled
Flex but just deleted the Eclipse folder, then put the new(old)
version of eclipse in the same place and re-installed flex builder
with the installer. I did not reinstall coldfusion.

please help, i'm not a windows guy so i dont know what I'm
doing if it doesnt have a tilde prompt. The original project was
build in Mac OSX 10.5.3.

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