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FDS and Coldfusion Server Config


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I have a Coldfusion server set up in "Server" mode (as
opposed to "Multiserver") running through IIS. Following the
procedures outlined in the
, I've attempted to integrate Flex with CF, but with no
success. I get HTTP 500 errors whenever I try to browse an mxml
file. Does CF have to be in "Multiserver" mode in order for this to
work? Or, am I just configuring something wrong? Is there another
way to get CF and FDS to talk to each other without all this manual

I appreciate any help,

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i have same problem , is there any answer ?


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Check out my blog post on this.


Just install the 2 products, as 2 servers and start them up,
they can find each other automatically. Granted you have more
control if you use the multi-server mode (you can deploy them as 2
.war file applications in one server ). But as long as both servers
are running you should be all set.

The only time you need to merge the servers, is if you want
to serve both .mxml and .cfm files from your web server. However
it's a much better idea to pre-compile the movies and just server
the compiled .swf (like you would for any other flash